lunedì 14 settembre 2015


This is a project realized during the first year of master in architecture and innovation at IUAV.
The project is focused on the renovation of the entire industrial area of a little city near Venice, in order to find a new realty for this problematic place. The project consist to create a new urban front reusing existing industry and changing their functions and adding a pair of new buildings to complete the compact front. The other buildings are demolished for give back to the nature the precious area stolen by industrialization and creating a pedestrian/bicycle path that approaches the front and the fields in order to connect and valorize also the little river and the nearest natural place. In addition, the front will block the sprawl of the city preserving the typical rural landscape.
First of all I think about a new urban plan for the area; i give a special importance to the external arrangement with special flooring and with different uses of the green, dividing the fields from the front thanks to an embankment having also parking feature.
The buildings restored are thinker like new kind of work such as start-up, business center and so. The Laboratory spaces are flexible in order to satisfy the requirements of the users.

A special thanks to Elisa Tolot.

Planimetria P0_1:500
Planimetria P1_1:500
Planimetria P0_1:200
 Planimetria P0_1:200



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